Jerome Robins & The Dolly Rockers Cook Up a Summer Hit with “What About My Love”

Good progressive house music is like comfort food. When it’s made from fresh ingredients and inspired by love, it always satisfies the soul. It doesn’t have to be fancy to win us over. It just has to stay true to what it is.

Fortunately, Jerome Robins and The Dolly Rockers had the perfect recipe on hand when they cooked up “What About My Love”. How do we know? Because it feels so good.

Jerome Robins & Dolly Rockers – What About My Love (Etienne Ozborne & Peter Brown), Cover
Jerome Robins & Dolly Rockers – What About My Love (Etienne Ozborne & Peter Brown)

On the surface, the collaborators’ latest track is a delectable hodgepodge of musical tastes, but it’s mixed beautifully and with the correct measurements, creating an irresistible final product that will have clubgoers salivating.

Cooking and food puns aside, the success of the track relies heavily on house fundamentals, but it adds a little extra spice (sorry, one more) with an ingenious sample to elevate the proceedings for house aficionados.

The summer-hit formula is certainly in place – with a heavy thumping backbeat to get the blood pumping, a tribal rhythm to put the body in motion and blaring synths to turn up the heat. It’s the sample from the Shapeshifters ’70s-style throwback track “Lola’s Theme” that really ignites the party for longtime house fans.

Robins and The Rockers use a snippet of “Lola’s” signature horns to create their own signature transition between bars. Fans of the Shapeshifters’ 2006 homage to classic disco will be thrilled to hear a portion of the song included in this new mix, while those who are unfamiliar will still find plenty to love with the track’s main groove.

As a standard summer house banger, “What About My Love” delivers the goods, but it definitely has some surprises, which makes the track that much more special to lovers of the genre. Either way, it represents delicious comfort food at its finest.

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Jerome Robins & The Dolly Rockers – What About My Love (Etienne Ozborne & Peter Brown)