Maff Boothroyd Proves Music is Still the Answer to Our Problems

As time goes on, culture’s taste is music changes. What never changes is music’s impact on culture. As an art form, music moves us in more ways than one.

It’s upbeat, positive rhythms can help us forget about our troubles and its deep soulful qualities can even help us deal with them head on.

By successfully covering the ’90s house classic “Music is the Answer” by New York legend Danny Tenaglia, Maff Boothroyd may have just been aiming to create a groovy update of an already fantastic track.

Maff Boothroyd ft. Debbie Sharp – Music is the Answer
Maff Boothroyd ft. Debbie Sharp – Music is the Answer

In the process, he proved that the title and the general sentiment of the song still rings true all these years later. And that we can always turn to music during tough times in life.

As opposed to a standard remix, Boothroyd’s version serves as a true cover, re-imagining the track in an entirely new, somewhat softer light. However, it still retains the uplifting message of the original; as well some of the deeper tones that made Tenaglia’s track hit the dance floor and the heart with heavy bass and synth notes.

While the deep, ghostly synths are certainly a memorable fixture of the original song, like many famous house tracks of its day, Tenaglia’s version puts a big emphasis on the vocals, which were the work of Chicago-born singer Celeda.

Boothroyd’s cover certainly doesn’t ignore the vocals, which are the work of Debbie Sharp this time around. But he spends more time and effort to create deeper rhythmic layers, which cocoon the vocal track in a richer and fuller overall sound.

The sound may be a bit deeper on the cover version. The synths hit a lighter, more playful tone than the original, as they dance around the bass groove, supporting clap beat and vocal track.
The fun rhythm seems to fit the part of the song that urges listeners to forget their troubles by dancing, while the original may have taken a more serious approach with its “music is the answer” message.

Whichever way you look at it, there’s no questioning that both versions are successful in providing danceable music that lets the listener escape into an audio paradise, if only for a few minutes. And for the hardcore house lovers out there, these tracks may even do a little bit more.

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Maff Boothroyd ft. Debbie Sharp – Music is the Answer (Deep)
published: May 27, 2013
Label: Maison Records