DJ PP – La Luna | A Tough Slice of Deep Tech-House

DJ PP – also known as Gabriel Rocha – produces the kind of quality deep tech-house we’ve come to expect from Toolroom Records.

“La Luna” is a solid middle-of the set groover. The absence of any up-front synth hooks or big hands-in-the-air breakdowns means that this versatile production will work as part of a tech-house, house, progressive, or even minimal set.


DJ PP - La Luna
Toolroom Cover, DJ PP – La Luna

The Uruguayan DJ/producer’s new track “La Luna” first appeared on Toolroom’s “Ibiza Underground 2012” digital compilation. Compared to the label’s “Ibiza 2012” mix, “Ibiza Underground” is deeper, more minimal and techier.

And “La Luna” fits perfectly with its vibe. The track’s elements are simple: little more than drums, bass, and a few samples. But its swinging rhythms and clever FX more than make up for its sparseness.

Right from the start, the thump of the kick drum and the grooving tribal percussion position “La Luna” as a tough slice of deep tech-house. A stomping two-note bassline provides a solid low end for the track, while spooky brass licks and wordless, echoing vocal samples add texture and melody.

The vocal samples draw much of their impact from the effects and mixing techniques that DJ PP uses: the noise of a crowd cheering is washed out through reverb until it’s almost a solid wall of sound. While the shorter vocal stabs are run through carefully panned delays that send them bouncing back and forth across the stereo field.

The intricate processing in “La Luna” makes the track almost reminiscent of a dub-techno production in the way that it takes minimal elements, then uses audio effects and mixing to make them interesting.

The mixing and FX almost become an instrument in and of themselves, bringing life and rhythm to otherwise static sounds. The simple, deep bass riff also has a touch of dubby styling to it. Although the overall energy level of “La Luna” is much higher then that of a dub-techno track: it chugs along at a dancefloor-friendly 124 beats per minute.

Its relentless bassline and tribal percussion will help to maintain or boost a set’s energy level, while its relative simplicity means that you could creatively mix it into a more synth-driven track, or even drop an acapella on top of it.

“La Luna” is out now on Toolroom Records. The single is available as a digital download from Beatport, Resident Advisor, or directly from the record label.

DJ PP – La Luna
Label: Toolroom Records
Released: July 29, 2012
Catalog-/Label-No: TOOL16202Z