Breach Takes Things to the Next Level with “Everything You Never Had”

English DJ and producer Ben Westbeech, more commonly known to house music fans as Breach, has spent the last six years injecting the vibrant European house music scene with his signature brand of inspired mixes.

But it’s only been in the past year that his burgeoning career has really started to take off. With top 10 UK singles, such as “Jack” and even more recently, “Everything You Never Had,” Breach has elevated his game and his craft to a whole new level. Much to the delight of many of his newly earned supporters.

However, while “Jack” featured a more contemporary sound, “Everything You Never Had” seems to show off some of Breach’s love for ’90s house and even late ’80s hip-hop, serving as a stylistic throwback with splashes of modern influence.

The resulting mix is certainly a refreshing addition to the current house music scene, but has enough nostalgic treats for those listening closely.

While the track isn’t overtly surprising in any way, it manages to change gears enough and deviate from some house standards to create a seemingly brand new experience. Instead of a heavy, thumping bass, the track sets a light playful tone with clapping hi-hats, snapping snares and a repeating wobble.

However, after a brief intro, the song adds some gravitas in the form of Andreya Triana, who provides a powerful, yet beautiful vocal track.

Triana’s strong, but nuanced vocal work will surely conjure up sounds of the ’90s New York scene, but it’s the well-placed snippet sample of Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s 1988 hip-hop hit “It Takes Two” that will really make kids of the past era smile.

It’s subtle enough that clubgoers busy dancing the night away may not notice, but for those tuning their sharp ears in, it’s unmistakable.

As the track proceeds, things only get livelier and more fun as bass synths lay down a smooth closing groove and maracas send listeners shaking their way to the next song of the night. The combination of elements definitely leads to a satisfying end that still somehow demands to be repeated.

Check out Breach’s “Everything You Never Had” and determine for yourself if it’s some of his best work. Meanwhile, we’ll keep supplying the goods here at Houseschuh Podcst & Internet Radio. So keep comin’ back for more of the best new house tunes!