Charles Siegling Adds to Technasia’s House Legacy with “I am Somebody”

When different cultures intermingle and learn from one another, the results are almost always positive. Luckily, the same can be said for the tech-house group Technasia.

French dance music producer Charles Siegling and Hong Kong native Amil Khan founded Technasia back in 1996. The duo created a unique East-meets-West sound that is still unrivaled in the house scene to this day. And even though Khan has since retired from the group, Siegling continues to use the rare fusion they created. He packs dance floors and inspires new artists to think outside of the box.

Siegling has been carrying the Technasia torch on his own for the past three years. But the music is as strong and as funky as ever thanks to his vision, creativity and fondness for delicious beats. Fortunately for fans, Technasia’s latest track, “I am Somebody” boasts all of the above and furthers the group’s ground-breaking legacy in house music.

The love Siegling has for music and the passion he has for his work seems to seep into every track. “I am Somebody” is one that is dripping with the creator’s ardor and the listener can’t help but be become infected by its contagious rhythm.

That rhythm is backed by an impressive floor-pounding bass beat, which is what will likely get the toes tapping and the club goers out on the floor. On the other hand it’s the track’s warmth, heavy synth patterns and clapping hi-hat that set the night off and the dance floor ablaze.

Some echo effects with the vocals add some psychedelic elements to the proceedings, which help the listener fully lose himself/herself in the music. If Technasia’s goal was to create a memorable, but immersive listening experience, then consider “I am Somebody” a mission accomplished.

While the vocals are sparsely used, they do help break up the pattern and, keeping the track lively and engaging. Instead of remaining embedded in a constant monotonous rhythm, the track’s bass and synths tend to bob in and out. This makes it fun for dancers to jump in at different points during the song.

Technasia has always prided itself on creating intelligent, yet primal house music that any electronic dance music fan can enjoy on any and every level. Once again it has hit all the right notes with “I am Somebody”. Let’s just hope that the group’s legacy lives on even after Siegling hangs up the headphones.

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