House Legends David Penn and The Cube Guys Join Forces on “In the Air”

Some artists that have been producing house music for as long as David Penn has (since the early 1990s) tend to lose some of their creative energy over time.

They can run out of original material, or sometimes fail to find that spark they had when they were young. However, Penn continues to connect with new fans each year, as he continuously rolls after hit track after hit track.

How does he do it? Well, for one thing, he is supremely gifted as a producer and DJ. David Penn also knows how to share the stage with artists who are equally as talented and accomplished.

This is what Penn has done on one of his newer tracks “In the Air.” He recruited the well-known Italian DJ duo of Roberto Intrallazzi and Luca Provera a.k.a. The Cube Guys to help him craft the spicy beat.

The combination of Penn’s Spanish influences and The Cube Guys’ Italian style creates a recipe for success and tantalizingly scrumptious house music.

So, with these house music legends on the track together, it’s no surprise that fans have been eating it up and asking for extra helpings. And it’s also no surprise that the musical result is something wholly original, yet true to the Spanish and Italian cultural roots of the artists and to the musical roots of the artists themselves.

The tech-tribal beat pattern that the track kicks off with is likely a Cube Boys contribution, as it is one of their signature sounds, while the song’s structure and varied effects are likely imprints of Penn.

The track is extremely slick, not necessarily in its sound, but in its execution. It continues to add layers, including a high-hat, melodic synths and vocal work as it progresses without missing a beat (pun intended). The song also executes transitions with a rapid drum, keeping the track exciting by moving up and down, while a steady Latin/tribal sounding rhythm pounds away.

This structure is certainly similar to most house music, but the way “In the Air” blends the varying elements together creates a refreshing and unpredictable sound.

On first listen, you’ll have no idea what the producers are going to add to the beat next. Even though the track is a truly unique experience the first time around, it is still worth endless repeat plays, if only for the infectious rhythm.

David Penn, The Cube Guys – In The Air (Original Mix)
Label: Urbana Recordings

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