Jay Santi Starts the Party with “You Feel”

Experienced Dutch DJ and producer Jay Santi is as much a music encyclopedia as he is a beatmaker. During his 10-plus years deejaying and producing eclectic original house mixes, he’s experimented with plenty of genres and sub-genres of dance music.

Cover: Jay Santi - You Feel
Cover: Jay Santi – You Feel

The results of those experiments have delighted house fans for years and his feel-good grooves continue to start parties all over the world, but his biggest hit, “You Feel”, takes the party to the next level. Nearly up to zenith-like heights.

With “You Feel”, Santi shows that he has a vast knowledge of house music and a deep understanding of its history by employing a very 90s-like vibe to the track.

More importantly, he shows that he understands the purpose of the music, which is to let loose and have fun. He plays with the rhythm like a child would with a toy and the result is an infectious good time on the dance floor for everyone.

Snares, synths and a fast-clapping hi-hat dominate the beat. But it’s the encouraging vocal track that gets the energy level up. In a nod to popular 90s club hits, Santi’s vocalist doesn’t sing as much as she cheers, even screams at times, urging the listener to get moving.

Some may find it overbearing, even distracting or detracting from the rhythm, but the passion and spirit behind lines like

“It doesn’t matter who the DJ is.
It doesn’t matter what the crowd looks like.
But baby, every single time we get together
we’re having a good time with house music!”

is definitely a benefit to the song as a pure celebration of the music itself.

Technically and stylistically speaking, the track is about as simple as you can get. The standard rhythm adds a couple of interesting elements, including a Latin-sounding drum roll in between bars and a light piano over the top.

But overall, the track doesn’t try to do too much. It doesn’t try to be something that it’s not. As the vocals indicate, it’s house music. And its design is to get you dancing and allow you to enjoy the night.

With the track playing as the background of your evening out, you will likely have a good time and you’ll feel what house music is really all about.

As house music fans, we hear a lot of varying styles and approaches, but sometimes it’s refreshing to go back in time, break things down to the essentials and instead of thinking, just dance. That’s what “You Feel” will do for you, so do as the vocals command and celebrate life and music.

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Jay Santi – You Feel (Original)
Label: Mjuzieekal Education Digital
published: 01.02.2013