Eric Sneo’s Funky Beats and Chris’ Voice Invite You to “Shut Up and Dance”

Eric Sneo knows how to party. Either that or he knows how to get other people to party. And this is an inherently important skill in any electronic music producer.

Sneo’s been getting people to groove to his delicious beats since he exploded on the house scene in the late 1990s. But he’s never done it better than on the track “Shut Up and Dance”.

Eric Sneo ft. Chris The Voice - Shut Up And Dance
Cover Eric Sneo ft. Chris The Voice – Shut Up And Dance

His signature pounding bass and mix of melodic and rhythmic elements combined with Chris the Voice’s smooth voice encouraging people to get out on the dance floor creates for another contemporary club anthem.

In the original version of the track we are quickly introduced to its core elements that are present throughout its six and half minutes. The funky multi-layered beat and Chris’ deep and comforting, yet fun and sexy vocals.

In fact, Chris the Voice takes control of the song at times, as the beat stops so we can listen to the self-proclaimed “moderator of comfort” tell us to

shut up and dance.

The Pleasurekraft remix of “Shut Up and Dance” incredibly adds more layers to the already infectious rhythm, as well as more melodic flourishes that blend together well with the beat. The remix still heavily involves Chris, his vocals and his message.

But the beat stays at the forefront of the track, never pausing and never taking the dance out of the building.

The toe-tapping beat begins the same way on both versions, but the Pleasurekraft mix breaks out a reverberated booming bass that gives way to a simple, few-note melody and introduces Chris about a minute in.

All of these elements are then seamlessly mixed together, chimes are added to the outline of the main pulsating beat and a more dramatic and epic melody is incorporated at the heart of the track.

This is when things really take off. Every part of your body has something to do, as your ears listen to Chris urge you to move. Your hips and feet move to the beat and your arms and hands can move freely to the string-sounding notes.

What makes the track truly transcendent and classic sounding, even though it is very contemporary and fresh, is that you will enjoy it just as much while sitting, or working as you will dancing.

The melodic pieces give the Pleasurekraft version a timeless feel and a more emotional quality that makes the track more accessible and allows for more replay value.

What’s really exciting is that even though Sneo has been around house and techno music for quite some time. He seems to be hitting his stride with “Shut Up and Dance”, which means we are sure to see and hear more great things from him in the near future. And I have to say I wouldn’t mind to see Chris lend his smooth voice to other funky beats as well.

Houseschuh certainly approves of this offering from Eric Sneo. So make sure to check out “Shut Up and Dance” as well as other fantastic house tracks at Houseschuh Internet Radio.

Eric Sneo ft. Chris The Voice – Shut Up And Dance
Label: 1605
Released: August 27, 2012
Catalog-/Label-No: 1605111