Paolo Barbato and Vincent Ache Lend Some Love to the Dance Floor with “All I Need”

Italian record producer and DJ Paolo Barbato has been well known to house music fans for nearly a decade. So it’s no surprise that he, with the help of DJ Vincent Ache and singer Nicole Mitchell, has churned out another polished track with “All I Need”.

Barbato and Ache come together to create a Latin-inspired beat that’s sultry groove blends well with Mitchell’s smooth and sexy vocals. “All I Need” brings an eclectic mix of soul, salsa and progressive house to the dance floor, acting like an aphrodisiac when it hits the listener’s ears.

Barbato’s wealth of experience shines through on the track, as he deftly and seamlessly incorporates a variety of elements, producing a rare house record that you can sing-a-long with and dance to at the same time.

The instrumentals are very naturalistic and not over produced, which is another rarity during the current era of super dubstep and booming, wobbling bass sounds.

Cover Paolo Barbato & Vincent Ache ft. Nicole Mitchell - All I Need
WMC2012: Paolo Barbato & Vincent Ache – All I Need

At first listen, it seems like a pretty simple record. But it is actually quite layered and complex. There is an obvious Latin element with bongo drums, light symbols up top and a piano melody that appears early on.

There is also a 70s style disco vibe to the track with a sharp, repeating guitar chord in the back. Add in a unique two-note bass groove and Mitchell’s big, bold and soulful voice, and you have a track that’s wholly original, yet feels oddly familiar.

You got what I need

Unlike many producers, Barbato also lets Mitchell’s vocals share center stage with the beat. He doesn’t distort them or alter them with any kind of echoic-type effects or slick studio tricks. Instead he lets her sing clearly and smoothly, which accentuates the sexiness of the song.

Her soulful vocals help in this department, but the lyrics do as well, which include the lines “Maybe it’s everything about you that turns me on” and “You got what I need”. You’re sure to be in the mood after the track is over. That is for sure.

Because the song has so much depth, it also has great replay value. You’re likely to find something new to enjoy with each listen and discover new layers within the beat to groove to that you didn’t know where there.

This is obviously a skill that only a house veteran like Barbato can employ. In another producer’s hands, “All I Need” would quickly turn into one thumping bass and some random elements mixed in. Thankfully, that’s not the case here.

To check out this track and more incredible house hits, visit Houseschuh Internet Radio. It’s certainly got what you want and all you need.

Paolo Barbato & Vincent Ache ft. Nicole Mitchell – All I Need
Label: Purple Music
Released: April 16, 2012