FCL Takes the House Music Scene by Storm with “It’s You”

If you listen to house music regularly, or are a part of the scene, then you’ve almost certainly heard of FCL.

Or at least their latest smash “It’s You”, which has received a monumental amount of buzz since its limited vinyl release last year.

FCL - It's You Cover Defected digital
FCL – It’s You Cover Defected digital

Some will credit the track’s instant success and praise within the DJ community to its exclusivity during its initial release with We Play House Recordings.

Only 150 vinyl copies were ever pressed, turning it into an extremely valuable and seemingly unattainable commodity. Now that the track is widely available via download, its hype is being justified by the music itself.

E.S.P. and FCL

The overnight success of the track can more likely be attributed to its stripped-down approach to the 1986 E.S.P. track of the same name.

FCL’s modern cover version hardly feels modern at all, taking virtually all the bass out of the track and using a repeating light hi-hat and a handclap as the main beat instead.

However, even since it was digitally licensed and released as a single earlier this month by Defected – a move that FCL had to publicly defend to its underground following – the track’s blazing momentum has not slowed down, as it continues to receive considerable play, well, just about everywhere.

The Defected deal explained by We Play House Recordings
The Defected deal explained by We Play House Recordings

FCL is a Belgian producing and recording duo consisting of founding members Red D and San Soda. Red D founded the label We Play House Recordings in 2008 with the sole intention and purpose of showcasing DJ and producer San Soda’s music.

It’s been a steady uphill climb since then for Soda, who is now starting to experience house music fame as a member of FCL, largely due to the recent success of “It’s You”.

Also, there are no synths on the song.
That’s right!
There are no synths on this house track.
Instead, FCL has installed soulful female vocals that steal the show and embrace the listener with their own soothing and melodic tones.

I feel the heat, it’s you

After listening to the track a couple of times, I dare you to not start singing the main line “I feel the heat”, as it will surely be stuck in your head.

It’s you,
It’s you I want tonite,
I want your love tonite,
The heat is on …

Although the track’s methods are unorthodox, with house music fans rejoicing all over the globe and dancing to its subtle, stripped-down beat, the results are undeniable.

FCL’s “It’s You” is simply a house track that breaks all the rules and gets away with it because its raw energy and emotion create a real sense of connection with its audience. And isn’t that what music is all about?

It’s a catchy tune with plenty of replay value, so don’t be surprised if you hear it many more times in the coming year.

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FCL - It's You - Vinyl Label wph0155 vip series
FCL – It’s You – WPH0155

FCL – It’s You (San Soda’s Panorama Bar Acca Version)
Label: We Play House Recordings/Defected
Re-Released: February 4, 2013
Catalog-/Label-No: WPH015.5/DFTD394D2