Dennis Ferrer’s “Underground” Remix Adds Funky Spice to a True Original

Remixing a song is certainly the ultimate way to pay homage to an artist or original track.

A great remix sets itself apart from the original by adding new elements to the song to make it unique, while holding on to the elements that made the original great in the first place.

Unfortunately, it’s not something that all remixes strive to do. But luckily we have artists like Dennis Ferrer, who create wonderful audible compositions, while paying tribute and giving exposure to fantastic underground music.

Although German DJ Nick Curly’s house track “Underground” became popular enough that the title didn’t fully represent its reach, prolific New York remixer Ferrer certainly brought it out into the mainstream all the more after he released his take on the track late last year.

While Curly’s song had its own hypnotic, seductive trance quality, Ferrer’s remix keeps that soul, but brings some funky synths to the party that add a flavor reminiscent of 1990s era New York house music.

Curly’s original mix definitely has a more niche feel. It’s deliberate tempo, soft, smooth tones and sexy vocals make it a great listen while going out for a night drive, or while relaxing at home with a glass of red wine. While Ferrer’s remix holds on to that core, he brings the track to the dance floor, turning up the tempo and the heat with a more playful beat. The synths on the remix dance around, encouraging club goers to do the same.

The vocals are sped up as well to match the more up-tempo rhythm, but they still maintain that soulful quality. Because of this, Ferrer’s remix is still a faithful and affectionate homage to the original.

It celebrates a different style of house at the same time, as it blends the mysterious sleuth-feel with rapid drum machines, melodic keyboards, echo effects and a classic pounding backbeat.

Many remixes simply piggyback on the success of an original track by manipulating the beat with added features, creating an alternate, but not so-unique version of the song.

Nick Curly - Underground (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
Nick Curly – Underground

Ferrer, an experienced and popular remixer, understands what the art of the remix is really all about and he shows that here by creating an entirely new beat, while keeping the essence of the original intact. With remixing being a major part of the electronic music industry, Ferrer’s skill in this area is definitely appreciated and will likely be highly sought-after.

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Nick Curly – Underground (Dennis Ferrer)
Label: Defected