Prok & Fitch Bust a Move with “Outro Lugar”

With 18 combined years of experience making breakneck beats and delectable house tracks, the incomparable duo of Prok & Fitch have nestled themselves into the progressive house niche without any gimmicks or fluffy records.

Since they formed in 2006, their approach has been to produce the purest and most authentic house music out there and every new track that receives the Prok & Fitch stamp of approval seems to push them closer to that goal.

What you hear is what you get with this dynamic duo and with “Outro Lugar” we are hearing more technically masterful, unpretentious contemporary house music.

The popularity of the song has spawned several remixed versions. Many of them, including the Festival Mix released in late August, are actually quite good, but the original Re-Pitch version is the one that holds true to Prok & Fitch’s maxim.

It is constructed from a fairly simple design, yet it acts as an unadulterated, no-nonsense club banger that never lets the pedal off the floor and consequently, it won’t let club goers off the floor either.

“Outro Lugar” is a track with no extended intro. The layered beat begins right from second one, urging listeners to get out and move. This steady rhythm, consisting of a thumping backbeat, clapping high hats, bongo play and a grooving bass line, never lets up, keeping dancers out on the floor for its entire seven minute run time.

There aren’t many drastic changes to affect the rhythm, but this is the way Prok & Fitch like to serve up their house.

There are enough subtle ins and outs to keep things interesting though, as some of the beat elements disappear for a few bars, only to return to the mix with full force. The beat also fades out a bit during the middle section, making room for a nice buildup and a climatic drop that returns to the main groove.

Again, the track doesn’t play around too much, but its technical elements are executed perfectly. Prok & Fitch have accomplished all they set out to with “Outro Lugar”.

It’s a pure house track that’s built for multiple spins during a long night out of dancing, so if you love progressive house, then you’ve got to include “Outro Lugar”, as well as other Prok & Fitch records, in your next party playlist.

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Prok & Fitch – Outro Lugar (Re-Pitch)
Label: Floorplay Music
Released: August 27, 2012
Catalog-/Label-No: FLOORPLAY034