Rampa ft. Meggy – Everything (Mark Fanciulli)

Back in April 2012, German producer Rampa released “Everything”. A slow-burning slice of tech-house featuring the vocalist Meggy, as the B-Side – or at least B-MP3 – to his single “So Many.”

Fitting with his Keinemusik label’s outside-the-box tech aesthetic, the original version of “Everything” mixed Maggy’s deeply soulful voice with haunting synth lines and clap-heavy beats.

“Everything” is back now, this time on Defected Records. In addition to the original mix, the new release includes a big-room remix by Argy, the minimal tribalism of the Ramped Up mix (also by Rampa), and this reworking from producer Mark Fanciulli (the younger brother of Saved Records founder Nic).

For his remix, Fanciulli houses up the beat, and, most importantly, adds a deeply filtered, deeply infectious bass riff to the track. The bassline’s simple but devastating, showing that power that a handful of notes, deployed in the right way, can have.

Echoey little snippets of percussion and laser-noise synths bounce around in the background, sizzling hi-hats push the beat along, and persistently swelling pads build up tension: mainly, though, it’s all about the awesomely catchy bassline and the sultry, Nuyorican-style vocal from Rampa’s frequent collaborator Meggy.

Fanciulli’s combination of a tight beat with a memorable bassline and the unhurried vocals gives the track a definite ’90s New York deep house vibe: think Kings of Tomorrow and Masters at Work, or a housier Kathy Diamond.

At just over nine minutes, the track is a touch on the long side, but as long as that bassline keeps going, it never seems to drag.

“Everything” is a late-night warehouse torch song that’ll fit perfectly into a deeper, moodier house set. Meggy’s vocals alone are worth the price of admission: they’re understatedly sexy, languid but powerful, and they fit perfectly with Fanciulli’s bassline groove.

Rampa’s original version of “Everything” went up to number 20 in the Resident Advisor DJ charts for the month of its release. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Nic Fanciulli remix goes even higher.

“Rampa – Everything (Mark Fanciulli Remix)” is out now on Defected Records as a digital single, and it also appears on the label’s “Deep Down & Defected” compilation.

If you’re looking for more Rampa and Meggy deep soulful goodness, they’ve collaborated on several other tracks, including “Meggy’s Desire,” “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” and “My Life”, the latter two also feature production from Re.You.

Rampa ft. Meggy – Everything (Mark Fanciulli)
Label: Defected