Kraak & Smaak’s “Let’s Go Back” Gets a House Makeover from Chocolate Puma

Dutch music trio Kraak & Smaak’s upbeat electro-rock sound harkens back to the 1980s. But their song “Let’s Go Back” adds a distinct 1970s disco/funk feel that literally takes the listener back in time even further.

The combination of the two styles is definitely a fresh sound, although it’s a familiar one as well.

Those retro flavors have made a huge comeback in indie rock and electro-pop in the past few years, inspiring the sounds of bands like Swedish trio Miike Snow and American duo MGMT.

Of course, Kraak & Smaak’s “Let’s Go Back” is much more “dancy” than some of its electro-pop/rock contemporaries, with a funky bass groove and synths layered in, making the song a prime candidate for a house remix.

Genuine house makeover

And that is exactly what well-known Dutch house music duo Chocolate Puma has done with this track. They’ve completely removed the funk elements, replacing them with hard-hitting bass, steady pounding synths and a vocal track altered by studio tricks to form a more modern sounding dance song.

However, like any good remix does, the Chocolate Puma version still manages to stay true to the spirit of the original. It does this by utilizing just enough of the original’s strengths, including its piano melody – which is sprinkled in – and its catchy, singable vocals.

But make no mistake; this remix is a genuine house makeover. After a slow build, the main rhythm is hammered home with some serious force. After a brief interlude during the mid-section, the beat comes back ever harder. The track suddenly transforms from “dancy” to all out club-banger. Then the track slowly comes back down to the pace at which it began.

Both versions of the song are fun, but it would be safe to call the Kraak & Smaak version a lighter, more subtle track, whereas the Chocolate Puma version is more of a dance floor assault. The remix is simplistic enough in its approach, but it is more serious about getting its listeners to get out and move.

If you are throwing a party or simply want some hard-hitting beats blasting out of your headphones, then the Chocolate Puma Remix of Kraak & Smaak’s “Let’s Go Back” is what you have been looking for.

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