Keller and Michele Mazzetto Mix it Up with “Esta Loca”

What does it take to be a successful house DJ and producer in today’s scene?

Talent? Sure.
Resources and connections? Definitely.

But let’s not forget that what really makes a DJ/producer successful is the passion he/she has for the music and the showing the dedication and motivation that it takes to truly make it.

Keller, Michele Mazzetto - Esta Loca!
Cover: Keller, Michele Mazzetto – Esta Loca!

Keller and Michele Mazzetto possess that unbridled passion for house music and the dedication to deliver quality tracks to hungry dance music fans. How do I know this? Because I’ve allowed the sonic and audio love from their track “Esta Loca” to massage my eardrums.

This talented Italian duo’s collaboration is an inspired piece. It’s an authentic layered rhythm that comes from the heart and the soul as much as it does the mind. It’s a track made by house fans for house fans and although it’s just starting to gain some traction in the deep house community, it hasn’t blown up yet. But be sure to wait for the boom.

Similar to his previous track “Groovy”, Mazzetto brings a playfulness to Loca’s beat pacing. The bass rhythm remains consistent, so you can keep on dancing, but the synths in the foreground continue to shift from fast to slow, as a singular beeping noise keeps record of the tempo.

A sonar-like beep is introduced about two and half minutes in, acting and sounding almost like a heartbeat for the song, letting the listener and dancer know when to slow down, or pick up the pace as well.

There are several builds and drops on the track, giving it some more techno elements as well as continuing to change the pace. However, the main rhythm is all house. The classic and unmistakable thumping bass, steady hi-hat and varied tribal sounding beats make up a major portion of the proceedings.

Although much of the track does have a classic house feel to it, there are those modern touches that appear as well, setting it apart from many of the tracks you would hear throughout a night on the dance floor. There are definitely some effects present, such as echoes and pulsating synths, similar to what you would hear with more strictly electronic or digital based music.

The combination of all of these elements creates a purely original and unique track, one in which the listener can find something new from on each successive listen. Keller and Mazzetto’s “Esta Loca” is a change of pace in more ways than one and is an experience most house fans and music fans in general will find rewarding.

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Keller, Michele Mazzetto – Esta Loca!
Label: Airplane Records
Released: October 27, 2012
Catalog-/Label-No: ARP1237