The New Iberican League Creates a Stylistic Blend of Original House on “Work It”

Keeping things fresh is often what good music is all about and even though DJ Chus, David Penn and Abel Ramos each had success as respective DJs on their own terms.

They decided create a fresh, original sound by joining forces to form the Spanish house super group, The New Iberican League.

Since combining their talents into a focused energy, the trio has been producing new, unique material that defies a genre label, commanding fans of generic house to take notice and take notice they have.

With the success of their debut album, the group has moved on to more uncharted house waters to hone and craft authentic and organic rhythms that the world has never heard before.
Sounds pretty challenging, but the League wouldn’t have it any other way.

For their newest hit single “Work It”, they’ve accomplished the feat of creating wholly original and very deep house by enlisting the vocal talents of Roland Clark.

A gifted DJ in his own right, Clark has collaborated with some of the best and most famous dance musicians of all-time, including Fatboy Slim. So even at the outset, you would naturally assume his contributions would give the track some more heavyweight power and after listening to the track, you would find that assumption was correct.

Clark’s work is noticed right away, but for most of the duration, the amazing mixture of rhythmic sounds takes center stage.

Styles and genres come together to create a wondrous blend of house, techno, Caribbean and Latin elements, forming an original and unforgettable beat. Practical drum beats, bongos, rattling maracas and a thumping bass dominate the first and last third of the track.

Then the middle section adds yet another intriguing ingredient to the party, as a beautiful, melodic synth sweeps into the foreground, bringing more emotion and feeling to the track with it.

That emotion is bolstered by Clark’s vocals, which up until the middle section of the song, had simply been repeating the title “Work It”. As the rhythm fades out and the string-like synths take over. So does Clark, delivering an inspiring vocal monologue that urges the listener to let the music flow through the body and mind and assures that all things are possible.

He goes on to say “We are House and we are proud”, a sentiment that I’m sure all fans of the genre can get behind.

At this point, you realize the song is really a celebration of house more than anything. With all its experimentation with blending different styles and its playful nature, it’s really nothing more than a salute to house music of the past and of the future.

With so much going on, the track does seem very busy and preoccupied with its intent for originality. But let me assure you, “Work It” is a journey that shouldn’t be missed. So, get on the boat before it sails away.

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Roland Clark, The New Iberican League – Work It
Label: Stereo Productions