You Used to Hold Me – Rob Nutek Brings Back a Classic

There’s no question that remixes and sampling are a staple of electronic music.

They always have been and always will and although original tracks are very refreshing, so are original takes on famous songs from a specific era. Rob Nutek obviously knows this and he showed his flair and progressive style by bringing back “You Used to Hold Me” and revamping it for a 2010s audience.

The original track – not to be confused with Calvin Harris’ 2009 release – holds a special place in the hearts of many club goers from the late 1980s in Chicago, where the record was literally spun to death.

Ralphi Rosario’s classic, which featured memorable vocals and a catchy chorus from Xaviera Gold, disappeared for many years, but artists like Nutek, DJ Chus, David Penn and others have attempted to revive what was great about the song, while giving it a new flavor.

Nutek’s version, which appears on Rob Nutek’s Underground Action Bootleg, does just that. The infectious backbeat begins right off the top and the listener is quickly sucked in, tapping their feet while hearing short cut samples of Gold’s vocals.

The dynamics then change as Gold’s voice echoes off into the distance and is brought back in with a drop, a change in beat and a full chorus. Nutek’s track does a good job at using the original’s strengths (Gold’s vocals) and infusing an updated beat pattern and a much faster BPM pace that makes its seven minutes seem like no time.

What he’s also done is cut the intro, getting straight to the chase; the beat. The extended intro may have been more popular in 1987, but most of today’s club crowd hears a beat and immediately wants to get out and dance to it.

This progressive house remix also stays fairly consistent without getting boring. It mixes things up just enough to keep the listener on their toes – and on their feet dancing for that matter.  But stays close to its centric rhythmic pattern. It’s also one of the finest from Nutek’s other offerings simply because at seven minutes.

It really has the time to draw you in, give you an experience and then finally release you, satisfied.

His other tracks are much shorter (usually between 1-3 minutes) and have less time to really connect, although they are engaging, as well.

Overall, “You Used to Hold Me” is a great remix from a very talented DJ.

One whom I’m sure we will see more from in the future. Luckily, you can check out this track, among other suburb offerings, here at Houseschuh Online Radio.

Rob Nutek – You Used to Hold Me
Label RE:NU Productions
released am March 20, 2012
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