Mike Vale’s Irreverent “Don’t Give a Damn” is Just What Summer Needs

As one of house music’s hottest rising stars, Mike Vale has already proven he knows how to turn up the heat on the dance floor. His cool grooves and even cooler persona might be just what house fans need as summer temperatures hit annual highs.

However, what’s even more refreshing about Vale’s latest release is its irreverent attitude. On his original mix for “Don’t Give a Damn”, he brings in the smooth, icy vocals of Stella Mercury to the party. But he leaves out the frills, giving listeners exactly the type of experience they are looking for: Pure summer fun.

Cover: Mike Vale ft. Stella Mercury - Don’t Give A Damn
Mike Vale ft. Stella Mercury – Don’t Give A Damn

The track’s production is crisp, as are its sounds and like any summer hit, it engages right out of the gate, never letting happy partiers off the floor. That’s not to say it’s a straight banger.

Its rise-and-fall arched structure and dreamier echo elements allow for breaks from the up-tempo tribal rhythm. And that balance ends up paying off, eliciting an even more euphoric response from clubgoers when the infectious beat returns.

The playful drum patterns and energetic synths keep thing hopping, but it’s Mercury’s vocal track that really inspires dancers to let loose. Not only do the lyrics encourage listeners to “do what they like”, but the powerful, yet not overwhelming presence of Mercury’s vocals injects even more energy into an already lively production.

It’s no surprise that the combination of strong vocal work, crisp production value and cool grooves has made “Don’t Give a Damn” one of the summer’s hotter house offerings and considering who’s behind it, we certainly wouldn’t expect anything less.

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Mike Vale ft. Stella Mercury – Don’t Give A Damn
published April 13, 2013
Label: Stealth Records